In March 2020 my guitar workshop moved from Ekenäs to Hernesaari, Helsinki. The City of Raseborg had sold the building in which I had my workshop and terminated the lease. My day job in Raseborg had also come to an end and moving the workshop to Helsinki closer to my home was inevitable anyway. After a brief search I found a new work space in the Munkkisaari Business Bulding. The room gets a lot of daylight and the facilities I share with the other entrepeneurs on the same floor are quite nice. My traveling time between my home and the workshop has been reduced by more than two hours and, if the weather allows, I can ride my bike to the workshop from home in 15 minutes.

The new space is a few square meters smaller than the old one and I no longer have access to a separate storage space. All the big machines and the work benches naturally occupy their floor space, but all wood and smaller tools, parts & accessories are now neatly stored on shelves and in storage boxes. The effective working area is thus pretty much the same as it was before moving. 


Työpaja - näkymä ylhäältä
Workshop - top view




Työpajan koneita