Tradbucker is a traditional PAF-type twin coil humbucking pickup with an AlNiCo magnet, suitable for all sorts of music. Tradbucker's sound is clear, warm and balanced, with no part of the audible frequency too prominent. The neck pickup has a DC resistance about 8 kΩ and the bridge pickup about 9 kΩ.

The colour options are black, cream, zebra, chrome and gold.
The magnet options are AlNiCo2 , AlNiCo4 and AlNiCo5.



Tradbucker pickup


The prices vary and are determined by whether the pickup has a metal cover and by the cover colour. The pickups are less expensive purchased in sets of two than individually. The prices are:


  1 pc   set
open coil    85€   160€
chrome 95€   170€
gold 105   190€


All prices include 24% VAT.