Single Mothers


Single Mothers is an overwound high output set of single coil Strat pickups with neodymium magnets. The bobbins are taller than conventional bobbins, allowing more windings without losing the clarity of the high end. Single Mothers have a sound somewhat darker than what traditional sets have. The trebles are discreet, the midrange is full of guts and tone and the low end is broad and solid.

The DC resistance of the bridge pickup and the middle pickup are about 10.5 kΩ and the neck pickup about 7.5 kΩ. The neck pickup has a 50 mm pole spacing, the middle and bridge pickup have a 52 mm pole spacing. The middle pickup has a reverse winding direction and magnet polarity, so the set is hum cancelling in switch positions 2 and 4.


The colour of the pickup top can be picked from a wide range of colours.

The pickups are less expensive purchased in sets of three than individually. The prices are:

1 pc           80€
set           210€


All prices include 24% VAT.