The Single Blade Razors are entirely handcrafted single coil pickups, from the polished steel blades to the bobbin tops and bottoms. Like in all NYDE pickups, the coils are scatter wound by hand.Thanks to the rail-like polepiece the magnetic field around the pickup is broader than usual, which enables the most extreme string bends without any weakening of the signal. The powerful rectangular neodymium magnet helps give a high output without overwinding the coils, thus retaining the the clarity of the high end. The trebles are bright, the midrange well defined and the low end solid and gutsy.

The three-pickup set is designed especially for Strat-type guitars. The resistance of the bridge pickup is around 6.7 kΩ, the middle pickup and the neck pickup are wound up to about 6.4 kΩ. The middle pickup has a reverse winding direction and magnet polarity, so the set is hum cancelling in switch positions 2 and 4. The colour of the bobbin top can be picked from a wide range of colours.


Single Blade Razors



Single Blade Razor, magnet















The pickups are less expensive purchased in sets of three than individually. The prices are:

1pc            90€
set           240€



All prices include 24% VAT.