Scumbucker is a modern and powerful twin-coil humbucker equipped with 12 neodymium button magnets. Its sound is clear and clean. The bass end is tight, the midrange has a good definition and the high end rings with brightness. Split to a single coil Scumbucker doesn't sound like a split humbucker but like a real single coil pickup. Played through an overdrive channel or pedal Scumbucker is a versatile and aggressive rock pickup.

The neck Scumbucker has a 8,5 kΩ DC resistance and the bridge pickup about 10 kΩ.
The colour options are black, cream and zebra.


Scumbucker pickups


The pickups are less expensive purchased in sets of two than individually. The prices are:

1 pc   85€
set   160€


All prices include 24% VAT.