Chicago Twangsters is a vintage wound traditional set of single coil Strat pickups with ceramic bar magnets and a sound slightly stronger and warmer than an AlNiCo set. The trebles are bright but discreet, the midrange is beefy and the low end is rather broad.

The DC resistance of the neck pickup and the middle pickup are about 6 kΩ and the bridge pickup about 6.5 kΩ. The neck pickup has a 50 mm pole spacing, the middle and bridge pickup have a 52 mm pole spacing. The middle pickup has a reverse winding direction and magnet polarity, so the set is hum cancelling in switch positions 2 and 4.

The cover colour options are black, white, cream and mint green


Chicago Twangster pickup


The pickups are less expensive purchased in sets of three than individually. The prices are:


1 pc   70€
set   190€



All prices include 24% VAT.