Buck-a-Billy is a twin coil humbucker with a retro spirit, wound around an AlNiCo2 magnet. Its sound is clean and warm. The trebles are discreet and the bass end is full and round. Buck-a-Billy has a sound resembling the one of the original PAF humbucker and it is designed for playing traditional music styles such as rockabilly, old style rock'n'roll, jazz and blues.

The neck pickup has a DC resistance 7-8 kΩ and the bridge pickup 8-9 kΩ.
The colour options with an H-hole metal cover are black-chrome, cream-chrome and black-gold.



Buck-a-Billy pickups


The prices vary and are determined by the pickup cover colour. The pickups are less expensive purchased in sets of two than individually. The prices are:

    1pc   set
chrome   95€   170€
gold   105€   190€


All prices include 24% VAT.