Bladebucker is a modern and powerful twin coil humbucker with two neodymium bar magnets and a clear and clean sound. The Bladebucker bobbins are all handmade, both the polished polepieces and the flatwork. Thanks to the rail-formed polepieces the magnetic field around the strings is broader than usual and the signal won't weaken even during the most extreme string bends. Both bobbins have their own magnets. The powerful neodymium bar magnets allow a high output without overwinding the coils and thus losing the clarity of the high end. The trebles are bright, the midrange well defined and the low end solid and gutsy. Split to a single coil the Bladebucker doesn't sound like a split humbucker but like a real single coil pickup. Played through an overdrive channel or pedal the Bladebucker is an aggressive rock pickup.

The neck Bladebucker has approximately an 8 kΩ DC resistance and the bridge pickup about 9.4 kΩ.
The colour of the pickup top can be picked from a wide range of colours.



 Bladebuckers, black




The pickups are less expensive purchased in sets of two than individually. The prices are:


1 pc










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