Austin Powers is an overwound Texas Blues style set of single coil Tele pickups with neodymium magnets. Austin powers have a high output and a sound somewhat darker than what traditional sets have. The trebles are bright and clean, the midrange is full of tone and the low end is broad and solid.

The DC resistance of the neck pickup is about 6.5 kΩ and the bridge pickup about 7.5 kΩ.
The neck pickup cover colour options are chrome and gold, the colour of the bridge pickup top can be picked from a wide range of colours.


Austin Powers Tele pickups


The prices vary and are determined by the neck pickup cover colour. The pickups are less expensive purchased in sets of two than individually. The prices are:

    1pc   set
chrome   80€   150€
gold   90€   160€


All prices include 24% VAT.