On request I repair and set up my clients' string instruments. Before starting the work process I give the client a cost estimate and also tell whether the instrument is reparable or worth the repair.
These are some of the repair, maintenance and setup tasks I do:

  • reparations of cracks
  • replacements of bridges and machine heads
  • replacements of pickups, wiring jobs
  • replacements and shaping of bolt-on necks
  • setup of bridges and necks, leveling and dressing frets
  • setup of tuning and intonation
  • paint and lacquer jobs
  • cleaning and waxing

Eliminating fret buzz caused by uneven wear of frets is a typical repair task. I start with determining which fret or frets are the cause. Then I file down these frets with a fret crowning file, remove the file marks with fine sanding paper and finally polish all frets with a felt buffing wheel and polishing wax. As a part of the job I also treat the unlacquered fretboard with lemon oil.



Sanding fret


Polishing frets