Photographer Helena Nyytäjä

 Helena Nyytäjä is my wonderful daughter and an excellent versatile photographer. She is both a skilled studio photographer and a powerful documentarist. Helena's photography can be viewed at



Kitaratunnit Helsinki

Guitar Media Helsinki is the enterprise of guitarist and guitar instructor Roo Chapus. Roo has a well earned reputation as an effective and patient instructor whose lessons are both fun and challenging. Roo has also sold some of my instruments and forwarded me other people's instruments for reparations. On request I can take a guitar or a bass to his office for a tryout. Roo also owns one of my builds, the Circulatrix.


Reign Over Obscurity

Guitar virtuoso Roo records and plays live with his group Reign Over Obscurity. Check out the gigs and the recordings in the following link:


Restaurant Albatros, Tammisaari

Restaurant Albatros, located in Stallörsparken, close to the Old Town of Ekenäs, Finland, offers live music frequently. I have built the house guitar - a Les Paul Standard type axe dubbed LP Std Albatros with a flamed birch top, the restaurant's colours and logo in mother of pearl inlay . 


Meilahden ortopediatekniikka

Pauli Tarpila's enterprise Meilahden ortopediatekniikka manufactures orthotic appliances and prosthetic devices for people who need them. Pauli "Lalli" Tarpila is also an accomplished guitarist and he owns a Stratocaster type guitar that I have built - called Lalli's Axe after a Finnish patriotic legend. 




Seppo Rouhiainen is a versatile singer-songwriter who plays virtually any kind of music on the guitar. The name of his enterprise Sonour means musician in Breton. Seppo owns an Imperatrix Blueberry Burst guitar that I have built and one of his other guitars has a neck and pickups of my design and build in one of his guitars.


AJ Savolainen

AJ Savolainen is both an innovative and versatile photographer and a brilliant guitarist and bassist. This is his photo site:


Gyan Dookie/Musiikkikoulu Zenius


Gyan Dookie is both an expert at graphic & web design and a distinguished musician, musical instructor and tae kwon do coach. In July 2014 he gave me private lessons in the basics of Joomla! CMS program to help me get my web site up. During two afternoons I learnt more than I had on a course running through an entire spring. A good reputation as a pedagogue must be earned through practical competence and work. There are no short cuts. A pedagogically proficient visual arts teacher myself, I recognize a good pedagogue when I am tutored by one. Gyan Dookie is an excellent pedagogue