The original idea of Circulatrix was to build a guitar out of locally produced and recycled materials, with a budget as low as possible. I used as few purchased parts as I could and all the woods I used were from our summer cottage. The bolt-on neck is made of over 55 year-old birch, the body is pine. The body shape is deliberately retro spirited, inspired by 1960's cartoons, and the finish is likewise a candy flake inspired by the flashy world of an amusement park.

I designed and built the pickups from scratch myself. They turned out good enough to exceed my expectations and became the production model Slumbuckers. Two Slumbuckers are now the stardard pickup constellation of Circulatrix.
The wiring is 1 volume pot, 1 tone pot and a 3-way pickup selector switch. One of the pots has a push-pull switch for pickup coil split. The control panel is made of recycled aluminium sheet.

Circulatrix has a 25.5" scale, it's lightweight and its thin neck is fast and easy to play. Resonant woods and versatile pickups give this guitar an exceptionally broad sound palette. New Circulatrix bodies will be made of alder as well as pine and necks will be of maple or birch.

The colour options are different candy flake finishes, including bursts. The bridge options are hardtail and vintage Strat trem.


Circulatrix red candy flakeCirculatrix red candy flake


The guitar shown here is owned by Roo Chapus/Kitaratunnit Helsinki, Finland


The prices vary and are determined by the parts and woods used in the instrument. The starting price with candy flake finish, two pickups and a hardtail or Strat trem bridge is 1400 €.