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I build guitars with both set necks and bolt-on necks. Guitars with set necks usually have a 24.75" scale and the ones with bolt-on necks have a 25.5" scale. Guitars with set necks often have arched tops and the neck is glued to the body in an angle varying from 2 to 5°, depending on the curvature of the body. The top is often made of figured wood such as flamed birch. Flat-bodied guitars can also be built with flamed tops on request. I make a prototype of every new model, and the ones that prove good, will with enhancements become production models.

Pickups with high build quality and good sound are standard parts in all my guitars. If possible, they will be wired for a broader sound palette than usual. If all coil wires of a humbucker pickup are accessible, the coil splitting option will be a standard feature. Most of my guitars are equipped with pickups of my own build and often also of my own design. On request a switch for putting humbuckers out of phase can be installed. Usually the non-standard electronics will be wired with push-pull pots for comfort and for unaltered looks. All volume pots in my guitars are equipped with treble bleed filters that prevent treble loss and keep the sound consistent when the volume is rolled off.